Las Vegas: Feb 15 – 16, 2019

Dave Sparks, otherwise known as “Heavy D,” is hosting a premiere 2-day conference focused on sharing advice, training and personalized coaching for anyone looking to grow their business.

A self-made multi-millionaire, Sparks’ proven business model and unique approach to running giveaway promotions continues to attract national and international attention. This limited seating event will provide a small group setting where Heavy D himself will be giving a behind-the-scenes look at his business practices and providing individualized counsel to attendees.


Feb 15 – 16, 2019
$6,000 per attendee + 1,200 automatic entries for a chance to win the next diesel truck giveaway
When you purchase one ticket, you can purchase a guest ticket for $500 + an additional 100 automatic entries for a greater chance to win the next diesel truck giveaway
Las Vegas, Nevada @ The Industrial


The Industrial
2330 Industrial Road
located 1 mile from the Vegas strip


We’ve got a jam packed two days in store, focused on filling your brains to the brim with business wisdom. Here's a rundown on session topics.



Understand the types of products that work best with a giveaway business model. Learn how to price margins appropriately while getting order fulfillment squared away on the front end.


Receive details on the structure and legalities associated with running a successful giveaway. This includes step-by-step advice on everything from initial promises you make to registrations and lead time needed to get things setup smoothly.


You need to be armed with knowledge on how to collect customer cash. We break down all the barriers to implementing Shopify in this session.


We’ll dive into the best social media platforms to utilize for marketing promotion. Plus, share tips to growing your network and activating those followers.


Not all content is created equal. Learn the types of content that is highest performing, and even get hands on with seeing how to produce and edit content yourself.



You spend lots of work getting a lead – don’t let it slip through the cracks. This session is focused on the customer experience and process behind implementing an effective lead funnel and flow.


Online influencers are all the rage. Gain insider info on how to find the right influencers for your business goals. We’ll teach you which online platforms you should prioritize, when to pay an influencer and how to ensure your content is on message.


Have a specific business question or challenge? Don’t tackle it alone. Heavy D Sparks will be providing personalized business coaching for those in need.


Vaughn NeVille

Vaughn NeVille

Known as TheManSpot, he was born in Sun Valley, Idaho.

Vaughn started making money on social media by producing content part time while selling alarms. He quit his job of 11 years when he had 60,000 followers to start his own marketing company.

Vaughn is known best for his love of Country, patriotism and being a family man.

As of now he has 2 full time employees, and works with various companies creating content for them. Vaughn is known in the gun industry for, creating funny viral videos and is ranked 7th most influential gun influencer on Instagram. His content gets 5-7 million impressions per week.

Sean Whalen

Sean Whalen

Sex. Money. Politics. Business. Religion.

All topics that touch our daily lives in one way or another, yet most people (due to an extremely sensitive and politically correct society) fail to speak about these topics privately let alone publicly. (Apparently Sean Whalen did not get that memo). Sean has a way with words that will get you talking whether you want to or not, and over 675,000,000 (and counting) people have viewed Sean’s videos and social media posts.


Tickets to this event are limited to 100 and are available as follows:

  • Individual Ticket: $6,000 - a single registration to the conference and 1200 sweepstakes entries.
  • Bring-A-Friend Ticket: $6,500 - includes a single registration ticket plus a guest registration, and a total of 1300 sweepstakes entries.

1 Ticket = 1200 Giveaway Entries!


The Heavy Academy was founded by Dave Sparks, better known as Heavy D from the Discovery Channel’s hit show Diesel Brothers. A successful entrepreneur, Heavy D wanted to use his personal business experience to positively impact others looking to grow their companies. With an unconventional approach to running and marketing a business, he is able to offer unique insights to help others stand out amongst their competition.

With a focus on education, The Heavy Academy is set to roll out a series of programming for entrepreneurs (or anyone looking to succeed in business) to learn and connect in meaningful ways. From podcasts and in-person conferences to annual memberships with access to online courses, mentorship programs, events and more, Heavy D hopes to impart wisdom and inspire others in the business community.

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